Breakthrough ideas require breakthrough marketing

At Apollo 42, we specialize in helping innovators tell their brand story in a way that connects their products and services with broader audiences – moving them beyond the tipping point and into mainstream markets.

By combining expertise in brand communication with thorough understanding of relevant technology and trends, Apollo 42 helps build the brands of tomorrow.

Drawing our name from the NASA program which set out to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth, we aim to emulate the same values that guided that historic mission: be ambitious, be forward-thinking, be groundbreaking.

Brand strategy

We help start ups understand themselves and hone their unique selling points into a detailed strategy built to launch and drive the brand.

By identifying cultural opportunities, we are able to then turn this into a strategic market positioning to grow awareness and conversion.

Our services include trend analysis, market research and analysis, consultation on new product development and CRM, and strategic direction in terms of core marketing messages and route to market.

Brand identity

Brand identity should be baked into the cake, not sprinkled on top: through our unique approach to brand strategy we are able to develop a brand identity that resonates in broader culture - a critical requirement for moving the brand into mainstream consideration.

Our services include development of brand identity and culture, product positioning and design, and UI/UX audits.

We also offer pitch-deck services to help start ups articulate and sell their new business to potential partners.

Creative direction

A great brand strategy requires a great Big Idea.

Our creative direction services help translate your brand strategy and identity into messaging that speaks to consumers on cultural and emotional terms, moving your target market to action.

Our creative direction services include omni-channel advertising and communications solutions, execution playbooks and managing of creative rollout.